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Bitcoin Value In Credit Default Swaps

I reference my thesis on the intrinsic worth of bitcoin in this piece, initially printed in Bitcoin Journal in April 2021. It represents my view on the worth of BTC because the anti fiat, fiat is the Ponzi, and the way everybody wants

NFTs And The Definition Of Art

“Non-fungible tokens,” extra popularly known as NFTs, have taken the highlight as this market cycle’s equal of the Preliminary Coin Providing. They’re dominating the mindshare of the “normies” within the house. As a lot as Bitcoiners

JPMorgan Bitcoin Better Inflation Hedge Than Gold

JPMorgan analysts have shared that they imagine an elevated urge for food from institutional traders has been fueling the Bitcoin rally."Institutional traders look like returning to bitcoin maybe seeing it as a greater inflation hedge

Wealth Gap Black America Bitcoin

Based on Forbes, the median wealth of Black and Latino families could hit zero by 2053. Historically, Black People lag behind on the wealth scale however the adoption of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, may permit a change in that
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